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PASI 2013 on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Globalized Physical Distribution Systems.

This PASI will provide participants with educational modules led by 17 esteemed researchers from across the Americas on various aspects of physical distribution systems with an emphasis on multi-national distribution systems at both the micro and macro levels. The micro level addresses such topics as warehousing, material handling and facility layout. The macro level addresses such topics as facility location, supply networks, routing optimization and collaborative logistics. To complement the learning modules, there will be two field experiences and hands on group projects taken from actual industry situations. Participants from a wide variety of countries and institutions in the Americas will be recruited with attention to developing a diverse workshop cohort. The workshop will take place in the city of Santiago in Chile with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile as host.


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Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago Chile


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With Sponsorship by the U.S. National Science Foundation: "PASI on Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Globalized Physical Distribution Systems; Santiago, Chile, August 2013", Award # 1242239